Villar del Arzobispo and its monuments

It is located about 50 km from Valencia, in the region of La Serrania, gateway to one of the most beautiful regions of Valencia. It collects the remains of all the cultures that have passed through it. Proof of this are the archaeological sites, villages ibero-Roman, wells, mills and monuments.

What to see?

The old town provides the visitor a pleasant walk through its narrow, steep streets, which offer views of the countryside. The traditional square “Las Bochas” is a must meeting at the foot of the church and the palace and the chapel in honor of San Vicente, its sources, and Ethnographic Museum “House of Cinteros”.


Church Square, Parish of Our Lady of Peace: Renaissance style with Gothic elements, XVI century. Its facade shows the medallions of different Archbishops of Valencia.

Archbishop’s Palace: a Renaissance Gothic style and built during the XIV-XVII centuries. It was summer residence of the archbishops of Valencia until the confiscation of Mendizabal. In its steps they are embedded gravestones of the Roman cemetery. Also at the gateway you can admire the carved stone shield in black with the arms of the house of Austria.

Ermita de San Vicente: late Gothic XV-XVII centuries. It was built in honor of San Vicente, according to legend the saint, when preaching in Villar asked its inhabitants, who wished they had water in the population, if they wanted this out river or out of a fountain, the citizens replied “What fountain?” and then gushed one.

Archaeological sites: there are many archaeological sites investigated by the historian Llatas Burgos, with Roman remains and Iberian located in El Castillorojo, El Collado and Hoya.

Chulilla, lots of activities

Chulilla is a fantastic and beautiful village in the Spanish Provence of Valencia. It is the Grand Canyon of the area and well known for fishing, rock climbing, hiking and just walking around a pristine and beautiful village.


Rock Climbing: There are more than 800 climbing routes.Chulilla is one of the best rock climbing areas in Spain. Its limestone canyon carved out by the Turia river makes Chulilla a great place for sport climbing.


Fishing in Chulilla: There are plenty of fishing spots along the many marked routes and fishing licenses are easily obtained locally.


Chulilla Info

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